Online Great Books Team

Bill Coyne • Interlocutor

Bill Coyne is a Starting Strength Coach and owner of Kratos Strength Systems, a Starting Strength Gym, in Evanston, Illinois.

Bill brings to the Online Great Books deep experience with the Great Books through his education at St. John’s College where he acted as both a student and an interlocutor. During his time at the College, Bill worked as a teaching assistant for the laboratory and music programs. His duties included leading seminar classes discussing the works of Lavoisier, Goethe, Mozart, Archimedes, Pascal, and Bach among many others.

Bill’s physical education is as good as his mental one. He grew up playing football and has competed in powerlifting and strongman since 2006.

Jim Furr • Interlocutor

Jim Furr is an engineer by training and temperament, and a passionate amateur philosopher by choice. He has earned a living traveling and living overseas, particularly in Southeast Asia, where he met his wife Belle. Ever skeptical and inquisitive, Jim has investigated Eastern philosophy and Western thought, and remains as interested in the ideas of others as his own beliefs.

Jim is one of the founding members of the Tulsa Seminar group, and has the same passion for this subject matter as he had when he took his first course in Greek and Roman Culture as a college freshman, many years ago.

Scott Hambrick, Founder of Online Great Books

Scott Hambrick • Founder/Reader-in-Chief

Scott has been an avid reader and autodidact his entire life. After pursuing a science education at University he entered the world of small business and operates Data Storage, Inc., a successful enterprise in Tulsa, OK.

Scott and Charity, his wife of 20 years, homeschool their two daughters. After getting some serious skin in the educational game, Scott became more rigorous about his own continuing education. This interest lead to the creation of OGB. Scott hopes to introduce tens of thousands of people to the great books of the western world through this new platform.

Karl Schudt • Interlocutor

Karl Schudt has had a checkered past, starting his education in engineering, earning a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S. in Engineering Mechanics. He then made a series of poor life choices, spending a few years in a Catholic seminary and then earning a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Marquette University. He has taught classes in philosophy and the humanities in the Chicago area since then.

Karl managed to out-kick his coverage and married Melissa in 2000. Together they have five children, whom they homeschool. He has an enduring interest in the Great Books tradition, and a deep affection for Homer. He thinks you can spend a good lifetime reading Plato.

Karl is also a Starting Strength Coach, and enjoys getting people stronger through the intelligent application of hardship. He is looking forward very much to doing a similar thing in the intellectual realm.