Online Great Books

An online community developing classically educated men and women using the Great Books of Western Civilization

Online Great Books allows us to learn as our civilization learned, by reading the key texts completely and in order, so our fund of knowledge grows, just as it did in the West.

We take the ideas of ancient Greece, follow them through their evolution in Rome, the middle ages, the enlightenment, right up to our own time. We read the best, men like Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Kant, Wittgenstein, et al., and allow them to teach us.

We push our members to do the hard work it takes to become classically educated men and women who are ready to apply their newfound knowledge in every aspect of their lives. OGB also provides accountability, encouraging you to stay the course and obtain the educational goals you have set for yourself.

Benefits of OGB Membership


When you sign up, you’ll be assigned to a 15 member “Class” of like-minded comrades who will help support your commitment to mastering the great ideas.


Not only will your classmates help keep you accountable to your goals, each day you’ll be asked to check in and let your group know 1)What did you read?, and 2) What questions or comments do you have about the text of the day?

A classic book each month

Membership includes a hard-copy of each month’s reading material shipped directly to your home.


Earn diplomas that represent mastery of specific ideas, schools of thought, and authors. Some of them are easier to achieve, and others are genuine commitments to struggle, but you’ll love working for each of them.

World class Interlocutors

Members benefit from world class Interlocutors trained in conducting Socratic seminars. These Interlocutors act as a midwife in your seminar meeting, helping members develop their dialectical and rhetorical skills, ask thought provoking questions, and ensure that Seminar discourse is at its highest possible level.

Growing Confidence & Speaking Skills

Gaining knowledge through the readings and the seminar experience make our members more confident in thought and in speech. Your Interlocutor and fellow group members will help you improve your ability to express yourself, persuade others, and think on your feet.

Have a question before you join?

Email us now at


$79 per month

With Online Great Books you’ll make friends for a LIFETIME, plus you receive $100’s of dollars of FREE books throughout the year– books you’ll make notes in, learn and have forever. Maybe most importantly, you’ll receive benefit from our Interlocutors, who are skilled in leading Socratic seminars and will help you get the most out of your Seminar.

Your Welcome Kit includes:

  • A FREE physical copy of How to Read A Book by Mortimer J. Adler. This is THE guide to becoming a better reader.
  • The OGB Handbook.
  • The OGB reading list.

Over the first year you will receive nearly $200 in books alone.  


  1. Christopher


    Do you still have plans to create an “accelerated curriculum” to complete the readings in a few years. I’m very intrigued!


    1. Scott Hambrick

      Not at this time. I’m coming to believe that it can’t be done properly and quickly.

      Jump in and give it a try.

  2. Randy

    Long-time listener, first time caller.

    Firstly, God bless you all.

    Secondly, with regard to your upcoming book lists, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. As for children’s books, “The Wind and the Willows” might be one to consider. Beautiful writing, great story of friendship, and the second half is an homage to the Odyssey. Wonderful.

    And, not that you do requests, but “The Abolition of Man” by C.S. Lewis seems awfully timely….

    Lastly, and most importantly, I just finished the one-two punch of “The Art of Manliness” podcast on “Kierkegaard on the Present (Passionless) Age” and the “Music for End Times” episode. Perhaps the “End Times” podcast was a moment of reflection in a series of projects full of passion. I’m not sure how many lives you’ve changed through your podcasts, but it’s not insignificant. For me, it has been revelatory and I will forever be grateful. Thank you.

    p.s. I live overseas and so am not a member, unfortunately. But I would sure be eager to contribute through Patreon or Locals, or however might work for you.

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