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#9 – What’s in a Question? The Art of Asking Good Questions

Socratic dialogue, that is, the art of seeking the truth through questions and discussion -- famously demonstrated by Socrates -- lies at the heart of the Online Great Books community. Yet what made Socrates' approach work was his knack for asking good, probing, thought-provoking questions. So what isa good question anyway?   Scott and fellow reader [...]

#8 – (M)Ad Man: How the Classics Informed Malachy Walsh’s Career in Advertising

Scott interviews Online Great Books seminar leader and former ad-man Malachy Walsh about his Classical education and his long career in advertising during the fertile "Mad Men" period of the industry in the late 60's through the 70's. Malachy has dedicated his life to learning and literature. Educated at a Jesuit school at Georgetown, he [...]

#7 – Quintus Curtius: Breathing New Life into Latin Translation

Scott interviews attorney, former Marine, autodidact, and lover of classics Quintus Curtius (his nomme de guerre) about his life passion - translating classic works of Latin. Quintus has translated six major books including Cicero's On Duties and Sallast's The Conspiracy of Cataline and The War of Jugurtha. He has also written extensively about philosophy, linguistics, [...]

#6 – OGB Seminar Leaders Discuss Plato’s The Meno

Scott Hambrick and a group of the Online Great Books seminar leaders tackle Plato's The Meno, a short but endlessly deep work attempting to unearth the meaning - or even existence - of virtue. Written as a Socratic dialogue between Socrates and Meno, a young Thessalian noble, the Meno is both provocative and frustratingly inconclusive.   [...]

#5 – Dr. Jordan Peterson On the Importance of Reading Great Books

He is a man who, in this day and age, needs no introduction. Dr. Jordan Peterson joined the Online Great Books podcast to share his thoughts on the Great Books and the importance of our mission to get people to read and discuss the greatest works of literature. As Dr. Peterson advises in rule #9 [...]

#4 – Why We Read (the Great Books)

Karl Schudt joins us again to talk about the Great Books and why we undertake this long and sometimes difficult journey to read them, ponder them, and discuss them. Karl is one of the seminar leaders at Online Great Books, and helped write some of the guidelines and materials for leading groups through the book [...]

#3 – OGB’s Karl Schudt & Emmet Penney on the ReConsider Podcast: How Dead Philosophers Still Influence Us Today

Our very own Karl Schudt and Emmet Penney, seminar leaders at Online Great Books, joined the ReConsider podcast on May 21, 2018 to discuss three great philosophers and how they still have influence and relevance hundreds, even thousands of years later. The three philosophers chosen for the discussion were Plato, Machiavelli, and Karl Marx.   [...]

OnlineGreatBooks podcast #2 Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound”

Listen in on Trent and Hambrick as they discuss a little Aeschylus. Thoughts and questions about the book. Prometheus gives humanity “hope” Consider the significance of this to human beings. Is it right or wrong to oppose ultimate power? Can man judge the world by his own ethical standards? If so, who or what is [...]

New Podcast! Online Great Books talks Homer’s “The Iliad”

Producer Trent and Scott Hambrick model how our Seminar discussions work as they talk about Homer's "The Iliad." Intro music "Spirit of the Kithara" by Michael Levy. War music "Spartan Warrirors" by Derek & Brandon Fletcher. Follow on Instagram. Subscribe on iTunes Follow us on Twitter