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OnlineGreatBooks podcast #2 Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound”

OnlineGreatBooks Reader-In-Chief Scott Hambrick and Producer Trent Jones discuss "Prometheus Bound" in this episode of the OGB podcast.

Listen in on Trent and Hambrick as they discuss a little Aeschylus.

Thoughts and questions about the book.

  • Prometheus gives humanity “hope” Consider the significance of this to human beings.
  • Is it right or wrong to oppose ultimate power?
  • Can man judge the world by his own ethical standards? If so, who or what is the arbiter?
  • Can human autonomy and divine rule by reconciled?
  • Prometheus has been compared to Job, in the Bible. Job famously complained of his situation, but never defied God, Prometheus does. Which is the better path?
  • Notice the personification of human attributes in Might and Violence as characters.
  • Violence says nothing. Is there any significance to this omission?

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