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Micah T.

Home educating mother, opera lover!
Member since 2019

OGB is the best medicine!

My husband in Seminar 25 enrolled me after he had just finished “How To Read A Book.” I was still in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery. People who have their heart stopped tend to have mental difficulties and “brain fog” but OGB pushed me to get my brain and memory working again and I would argue is a large part of the reason why I have not had the issues my heart surgery cohorts of the same age have had. OGB was as much needed therapy for my brain as rehab was for my heart. I’m now 22 weeks post-surgery and learning koine Greek on my own. My husband and I cannot get enough of it and even though we are in different seminars, we discuss the books after I’ve finished them. He just received his Plato book and I’m jealous! So, I’m 6 months almost from enrollment and I’ve finished three books. That was long enough to get me hooked.

John H. 

International Chemical Sales

Member since 2019

Books and family

I remember I was excited when I 1st got my copy of the Iliad and wanted to read a little to my 21 yr old son. So I start, " Rage- Goddess sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles," he stops me in mid-sentence & says that’s not the Iliad I’ve been reading for 10 years... what??? This is a guy who never does anything but sleep... he rattles off from memory, "An angry man, there is my story, the bitter anchor of Achilles , prince of the house of Peleus," I looked at him with the look that………… what do you know kid  He goes, gets his dog eared WHD Rouse translation & tells me how when he was like 10 he saw this book at his grandmothers & liked the cover of soldiers and has been reading it ever since ... we then had a good dialogue about the early chapters ... What a shock & a joy to share great literature with my son. it just reinforced my decision to "do" OGB.... welcome to the fun and don’t let the pace of it all get to you... keep at it. The pace is not all that much, but it seems I never have enough time to read.

John S. 

GM General Assembly

Member since 2019

It's transformative.

I joined OGB because during an episode of Barbell Logic, Scott said in 6 months you'll be a completely different person. My ex-wife had just filed for divorce and I was spiraling down a path that scared me. Becoming a new, improved version of myself was exactly what I needed at the time. Now, it's become a major part of my life. I'm not the smartest guy around, but I feel like I can hold my own in a conversation with anybody now. Scott wasn't wrong. I am a different person than when I started and I'm looking forward to who I'm becoming because of these books.

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Emily Worley

Stay at Home Mom, Homeschooler

Member since 2019

Becoming a philosopher

I had read that the best way to get your children to read was to be a reader yourself. But I was not a reader. I heard about Online Great Books and was interested but immediately intimidated. I could count on one hand the number of books I had actually finished. I was not a reader and certainly never tried to read any of the great books. I was concerned about reading, understanding, and finishing any books on the list but I decided to give it a shot. 

In our first book, How to Read a Book, Adler recommends not reading commentary but forming personal opinions without outside influence. This idea completely terrified me. I was insecure and thinking for myself was a daunting task. I was worried about sounding stupid. But I trusted and attempted my own thoughts. Turns out, my group is amazing. When we met for our first seminar they were encouraging and supportive. And I was hooked. The OGB groups may be the best part of OGB. Anyone can read the Great Books alone but reading with friends is so much sweeter. Even though my group doesn't always agree (which is really good for conversation) we are always respectful.

Because of OGB, I am modeling reading for my children- and its working- everyone is reading so much more. Since joining, my confidence has increased. I feel confident to form my own thoughts and opinions because I have practiced in seminar. I'm not worried about disagreeing with someone "in real life" because I have practiced in seminar. I'm no longer afraid to wrestle with challenging books. OGB has made me a better reader- in fact, I am now proud to call myself a Reader.

Delise Burrus


Member since 2019

Close new friends

I have to tell you I nearly got emotional when we ended the seminar. I thought I was going to cry when you let us share our thoughts! I feel quite attached to my new OGB friends. This was so very worth my time!

Brian Lillie

Silicon Valley Board member

Member since 2020

This is fun

I really can’t wait for the first seminar on The Iliad. This is sooo much fun to read and listen to (it has been a wonderful thing to do on my long hikes). An epic poem but an even more epic story! I have said so many times, “so that’s where that came from!” during my readings. Looking forward to it!

Chris Delano

Utility Worker

Member since 2019

The great books fill a need

My final word on Homer isn’t really about Homer. I didn’t know how much I needed something like OGB in my life until now. There was once or twice I thought about quitting early on, but I’m happy that I didn’t. I’m glad to be on this journey with you all and I’m glad you’re all smarter than I am because I feel like talking with you is improving my understanding of these books immensely. Which in turn is improving my life immensely. Onward to Aeschylus!

Rory Barclay

Bulk Vessel Operator

Member since 2019

Getting it done

I’ve always told myself that one day I would read important books in order and learn more. Deep down, I knew I’d struggle to do it. OGB has given me the structure and community to finally do it. I look forward to the seminars and feel energized and sprightly afterwards. A great community, a great project and great fun. My life is hugely improved by OGB and I look forward to all the years to come and to more growth and knowledge along the way.

Andrew Wiese

Technology Hardware Sales

Member since 2018

Don't go it alone

Because of a book group's efforts in Tulsa, OK I am now committed to reading books that have been a part of my bucket list for the last 20 years, but I just never really got started on. For that I am grateful to Online Great Books and all your efforts to make this a real endeavor for not just this guy in Victoria, MN but all of us; and better than if I had forged ahead alone.

Jeremy Weathers

Member since 2019

A needed boost

My father’s 50+ volume Britannica set was prominently displayed in our home throughout my entire childhood, but I don’t remember him ever talking about them. I developed an interest in reading classics over time, and I was excited when my father gave that set to me several years ago. I’ve had these books sitting here, intending to start reading them “some day”. I did nothing on my own, partly because I have so many newer books I want to read that appear shorter or easier. OGB gave me the boost I needed. The schedule of the monthly seminar helps me commit to setting aside regular time to read and reflect. During the seminar itself, I gain access to others’ insights into the texts. A benefit that I wasn’t expecting is that OGB has several seminar groups going through the same material; this allowed me to join in with another group when a few recent scheduling conflicts blocked me from my normal seminar times.

Jerome Rowley

Project Manager

Member since 2019

Family tradition

Being a member of Online Great Books is such a personal journey for me because of my father. He was a reporter at the Sun-Times, and went to the University of Chicago to get his Master's Degree in Economics, but never finished because the financial strain of a growing family was getting to be too much for him.

Although he never graduated, he considered U of C to be his intellectual Alma Mater, and so he was a great fan of Mortimer Adler and all of his numerous intellectual projects, including the Great Books program.

I remember being enrolled by my Dad in the Junior Great Books program when I was in the sixth grade, and it was a source of great disappointment to my Dad when I dropped out because I was frankly too lazy to keep up with the reading. My Dad was intellectually curious all of his life, and it was one of the traits he (imperfectly) passed on to me. When I saw that you were offering an Online version of this program, I was determined to do this as a gift to myself. I am involved in leadership positions at work, at my church, and in volunteer organizations, and the rational part of me said "you don't have time for this." But just like you wrote in the introduction to your handbook about how you started this company, you overrode those rational concerns and went forth half-crazy into this uncharted territory we are now experiencing.

After a couple of sessions of reading Mortimer Adler's book, I realized that mentally I wanted to talk it over with my Dad, but realized of course that he's no longer here to converse with. And that's when it struck me--I'm doing this for myself, but also to redeem myself in the eyes of my father. "See, I AM disciplined enough now to take advantage of this!"


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