New Podcast! Online Great Books talks Homer’s “The Iliad”

Producer Trent and Scott Hambrick model how our Seminar discussions work as they talk about Homer's "The Iliad."

Scott Hambrick, owner and founder of, and Producer Trent Jones launch the OGB podcast at the only suitable place to start- at the first line of the first book.

Hambrick and Jones examine the framework for The Online Great Books program, loosely based off Hutchins and Adler’s Great Books of the Western World reading list. Hambrick addresses the importance of beginning with The Iliad, and continuing the reading list in chronological order so to properly enter the great conversation had between the genius of western civilization.

After discussing how their understanding of Homer’s The Iliad changes with every reread, the two delve into the birth of Online Great Books, the community that it has created, and the overwhelming benefits in the type of discussions had in OGB seminars for philosopher and layperson alike.



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