How it works


Decide to answer the call of the great thinkers of Western civilization

When you sign-up for Online Great Books, you are making a decision to invest in yourself and the world around you.

Upon joining you will receive your welcome kit which include a physical copy of How to Read A Book by Mortimer J. Adler (THE guide to becoming a better reader), our OGB handbook, invitations to our Socratic Crash course, and more!


Get started

After receiving your welcome kit, you will jump right in to reading the two texts included. When you join, you are also added to a Seminar through the OGB website. Your Seminar is simply a group of your peers who are reading the same materials at the same time and who meet at regular times to discuss the text, challenge each other and learn together in a format much like that of the Socratic seminar. These online meetings will be guided by that text’s interlocutor.

You are also encouraged to join the ongoing discussions around texts you have read through the book discussions forum. This process, participating in the forum and your monthly Seminar gathering, will be your primary source of building friendship and accountability within the OGB community.


Attend Your First Seminar

Soon after enrolling, you’ll receive the Seminar schedule. Begin your readings in preparation for your first Socratic seminar. In the Seminar you’ll meet the readers in your group, get a brief orientation from your Interlocutor, and dive into the text! Seminar is where the payoff is. This is the time to integrate your thoughts about the text, to shore up our ideas, and ask really tough questions.


Earn Diplomas

As you work through different works, you will be given opportunities to earn diplomas based on displayed mastery of specific ideas, schools of thought, and authors. Some of them are easier to achieve, and others are genuine commitments to struggle, but you’ll love working for each of them.



While the routine does not vary month-to-month, the knowledge and relational experiences will grow exponentially as you’ve read more and more of the canon and gain greater understanding from some of the world’s greatest authors and connect with your peers on a much deeper level.


  1. Chuck Anderson

    Can you give me a general idea of how long each meeting on the seminar lasts and what day or time of day they are usually held?

    1. Scott Hambrick

      They are two hours. They are all on weeknights. In general they start around 6pm central. Some are earlier, some later!

  2. Ian Hanson

    Would ii be possible to see a snapshot of the curriculum that you use?

  3. Rory

    Are there any sessions more accommodating for non-US citizens in different time zones? I’ve noticed for a British person like myself the timing of sessions is particularly unfavorable for a regular work/sleep schedule.

  4. Alex

    Hi, are the books shipped to Canada? Could I know at what time the meetings take place?

    1. Scott Hambrick

      We can ship to Canada. Meetings are held on week nights starting as early as 5pm central and as late as 8pm central.

  5. Ben

    How often are the seminars held? Are they a weekly basis?

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