#7 – Quintus Curtius: Breathing New Life into Latin Translation

Scott interviews attorney, former Marine, autodidact, and lover of classics Quintus Curtius (his nomme de guerre) about his life passion – translating classic works of Latin. Quintus has translated six major books including Cicero’s On Duties and Sallast’s The Conspiracy of Cataline and The War of Jugurtha. He has also written extensively about philosophy, linguistics, travel, and many other topics on his blog. Notably, Quintus is not an academic, yet he has dedicated years of hard study to learning and translating Latin. He is the embodiment of what we strive for at Online Great Books, a man seeking to better himself and gain deeper understanding of the world by engaging in hard, enriching things.


You can find Quintus Curtius and his books and articles at https://qcurtius.com.


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