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#63- Frank Herbert’s Dune: Testing the Limits of What it Means to be Human


Welcome, dear listeners, to a show that explores what it means to be human. Sound intriguing?

This week, Scott and Karl read Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune which is a book thought to be The Lord of the Rings equivalent in the science fiction genre.

Scott expands, “In The Lord of the Rings, there’s something comforting and familiar about that world even when it get’s scary and the outcomes look uncertain. This world is much scarier, much more uncanny.  It may be because there are elements of this world familiar to us. This book is not about saving the environment. This is about man’s ability to mold his environment.”

Tune in for a discussion on what makes us human, how certain environments can put our humanity on display, and the type of education that sparks adaptability over mere preparedness in times of crisis.

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