Aquinas's Commentary On The Metaphysics

#55- The FAQ Show

We’re switching up our normal routine to answer your Online Great Books questions.

In this episode, Scott and Karl address everything from membership, seminar, accountability, and our mission.

What will reading the books on this list do for you, anyway?

Scott says, “If you read them in earnest and you take them seriously and actually go to the seminar, they will make you address the bedrock questions behind so many of your opinions.”

In short, “it’ll ruin the life you’ve got but you’ll get a different one.”

Tune in to hear answers like these plus the reasons behind some of the decisions we make. Even if you’re a member with us already, you’re bound to learn something new.




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  1. Michelle Beltrano

    I almost skipped this one because I thought I already knew enough about OGB, but I was wrong!!! So great to listen to you both and what hit me the most was your discussion about what Scott said (definitely going to mess this up) but “you can only read a book one time at a time”. I joined a short while ago and I’m on Book 17 of the Illiad (love that you’re the largest distributor of the Illiad on planet earth, or close to it) and even though I have a year of ancient Greek, I’m having a tough time sorting out who is killing who and who is a Trojan and who is Achean as the battles are raging. Glad to know I’m not alone in not “getting it” the first time out! And, I’d totally buy a shirt with “Hard Pleasures” on it! If I may be so bold, may I suggest any T-shirts have a 3/4 sleeve baseball style option – that would be so cool.
    Love what you guys do!!! Never stop!
    ~Michelle Beltrano

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