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#42 – Bing Crosby’s Christmas Classics

In part two of their study of Bing Crosby, Scott, Karl, and Trent discuss Bing Crosby’s enormous impact on Christmas music and culture since he first sang “White Christmas” in 1942’s Holiday Inn. “White Christmas” proved to be a huge hit, hitting number one on three separate occasions, including 1954’s classic film White Christmas (twelve years after its public debut). Although the film was not initially a box office success, the titular song became the best-selling single of all time with an estimated 50 million copies sold.

Of course, Bing’s Christmas legacy does not begin and end with White Christmas. He sang nearly all of the American Christmas standards, and his versions are still the most often played. For better or worse, Bing is the voice of Christmas, and all contemporary performers that dare to sing a Christmas song do so under his vast shadow.


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