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#35- Neko Case’s Album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

This week, the trio discusses an album on Trent’s shortlist: Neko Case’s album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.

Released in 2006, it’s a mix of folk, country, and early rock elements. Case classifies her style as “country-noir.”

“She defies genres… she doesn’t fit comfortably into any of those worlds,” Trent says.

Along with her booming voice, Neko Case is also known for her independent, non-traditional songwriting. This particular album was inspired by Eastern European fairy tales— not overly dark or moral and a bit funny.

Tune in as Scott, Karl, and Trent discuss Case’s cryptic lyrics, her vocal stylings, and the album’s production quality. Brought to you by onlinegreatbooks.com.



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