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#34- The Live Sound Experience: Mad Dogs & Englishmen

This week, Scott, Karl, and Trent discuss Joe Cocker’s live album, Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

Released in 1970, the album was spontaneously formed on a few days’ notice to meet Cocker’s contractual obligations.

These concert tapes ended up being just as much a showcase for Leon Russell, who helped organize and perform the tour, as it was for Joe Cocker. Accompanying the duo is a choir, a three-piece horn section, and several drummers.

Scott says, “It’s not polished. It’s just people who are pretty good at what they do having a freak-out on a Saturday night in San Fransico. All of that is what’s wrong with the album, but that’s also what’s good about the album.” Karl later adds, “You get to hear the personality of everyone in the band.”

Tune in to learn more about this pickup orchestra’s rock and soul sound. Brought to you by onlinegreatbooks.com.


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