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#21- The World’s Saddest Guitar Player: Roy Buchanan

Known as ‘the guitarist’s guitarist,’ Roy Buchanan never attained any real fame or fortune during his lifetime.

As an American guitarist, blues musician, and pioneer of the Telecaster sound, Buchanan turned guitar tone into an art form.

As the first commercially successfully solid-body electric guitar, the Telecaster was able to produce extra power and muscularity that Buchanan tapped into.

Scott says, “It’s not just about the notes, he was trying to make the guitar cry.” Trent adds, “He’s searching for something when he plays, a moment in his solo where he hits on a certain feeling.”

Scott, Karl, and Trent discuss the sound and soulfulness that Buchanan is able to summon.

Karl says, “If it’s not tearing your heart out I don’t know what to do. The electric guitar is the most expressive instrument in the world today, except for the human voice.”

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