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#20- Sh**ty Is Pretty: The Anatomy of Funk

This week, Scott, Karl, and Trent discuss the anatomy of funk music.

Trent opens, “Funk music is dirty, it’s degenerate, and it’s wonderful.” Both highly danceable and hypnotic, funk music includes a mixture of soul, jazz, rhythm, and blues, but there’s also a psychedelic element as well.

Scott says, “I love the aristocratic, regal, civil rights aspect to funk…  I think that funk is probably one of a few music stylings that came out of the 20th century that made no attempt for crossover success. It’s a cultural time capsule.”

Trent adds, “It’s a celebration of Blackness.”

In the podcast, Trent references the article “Shitty Is Pretty: Anatomy of a Heavy Funk 45, Part 1.” Author Gabe Roth writes, “When used in combination with good taste and a little giblet gravy, this guide will give you the basic tools to produce a highly potent Funk 45’.”

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  1. James Pruitt

    Was unfamiliar so had to have a look at Roy Buchanan after hearing Scott mention s week. Un…friggin’…real! Guy looks like he’s not even making an effort… https://youtu.be/DDOIL5OqvYs

    However, as one commenter noted, “Roy is brilliant, but how about some love for the keyboardist? He’s playing rhythm piano with his left hand and b-3 licks with his right. That shit ain’t easy!”

  2. A

    I think Scott’s dislike for hiphop comes from misunderstanding the music form and the culture surrounding it. Scott, you are missing out on a lot of beautiful music due to your prejudice against sampling. Many hiphop artists show much respect for the music forms that came before it. You won’t find the songs that are truly hiphop on the radio. It’s underground. For your own edification Scott, please listen to more hiphop.
    I am only criticizing you because I enjoy this show and respect your critical thinking ablilities.
    Great show on funk though,
    Thanks guys

    1. Scott Hambrick

      First, thanks for listening to the show.

      I’ve had people make these kinds of arguments in the past. I say, “I don’t like mojitos.” Immediately, someone says, “You haven’t had MY mojitos. They are the best.”

      You misunderstand. I didn’t say I dislike bad mojitos. I dislike the drink categorically. In fact, the better a representative it is of the category, the LESS I’ll like it.

      I do not like hip hop.

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