Aquinas's Commentary On The Metaphysics

#134- Nietzsche on Resentment: The Genealogy of Morals Part 2

Scott and Karl finish their discussion of “Good and Evil, Good and Bad,” the first essay from Friedrich Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals. 

Nietzsche demonstrates that the Christian world is steeped in false piety and infected with slave morality. Slave morality is based on resentment over the beauty, wisdom, power, and glory of the master class of people.

Nietzsche regards this resentment as the greatest weakness of our time. As for resentment politics, Scott says, “It only works if you live in a society that is ruled by that morality.”

Tune in to hear more of the duo’s discussion on noble morality vs slave morality. Brought to you by


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