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#10: Frank Sinatra: The Man, the Music, the Legend


Also known as “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” “The Chairman of the Board,” or simply as “The Voice,” Frank Sinatra was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century.

Scott, Karl, and Trent primarily discuss three of his albums, The Voice of Frank Sinatra, Sinatra at the Sands, and Sinatra–Basie: An Historic Musical First.

Although you can see similarities in Sinatra’s vocal style to his idol, Bing Crosby, Sinatra had a patented approach to his music that is hard to replicate. Scott says, “He’s telling you his story every single time when he’s at his best. He does it in his own way, at his own speed.”

In the span of six decades and 59 albums, Sinatra raised the art of romantic singing to a new height, an art form that seems to be lost in modern pop music. Scott adds, “He represents the end of popular music being created for and marketed to adults.”

Writer David Hajdu once assessed Sinatra’s career memorably: “To hell with the calendar. The day Frank Sinatra dies, the 20th century is over.”

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