#1- Brahms’ Symphony No. 3: Music as Conversation


Scott Hambrick, founder of onlinegreatbooks.com, Karl Schudt, and Michelle Hawkins launch this podcast at the only suitable place to start— with a melody.

Before tuning in to the podcast, go listen to Brahms’ Symphony No. 3.

Michelle says, “This particular melody is not repetitive, it takes you on a journey that makes sense. It’s an unfolding of his thought process.” Scott adds, “The thought process of the genius is more accessible when it’s music than reading what they’ve written.”

In listening to Brahms’ musical journey, the trio asks questions like: What is melody? Are you able to talk about sound without metaphor? Can music itself just be its own end?

If you have grown up on pop music, you may have not been exposed to these melodic sentences. This is a chance to expand your exposure and what you can delight in.

Why would you not want to have more things that are beautiful in your life?

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